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Monthly Archives: July 2012

News Report: Beverly Hills Red Light Camera Possibly Violating State Law

David Goldstein from CBS Los Angeles recently investigated a Beverly Hills red light camera possibly violating state law.  According to his report, the traffic control signal located on the corner of Wilshire and Whittier had a yellow light interval time of 3.0 seconds. (You can view how they timed the light here.) According to CaliforniaContinue Reading

3 Easy Steps To Getting Your LA County Drug Offense Sealed

Let’s face it. Drugs are terrible. They might be fun at first. But anytime you’re battling an addiction, the fun has gone out the window. California criminal law recognizes that drug use and related crimes are a special type of crime. Due to the element of addiction, the courts provide for rehabilitative measures to helpContinue Reading

California Suspended License Driving in violation of Vehicle Code Section 14601

California Suspended License Help.  California Vehicle Code Section 14601 sets forth the rules and penalties for driving on a suspended license.   The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office estimates that more than 15% of all criminal cases filed in the Los Angeles County Court system are based on charges of driving without a licenseContinue Reading

When mooning does not land your ass in jail for indecent exposure.

This Saturday, thousands of people will flock to the city of Laguna Niguel and participate in the 33rd Annual Mooning of Amtrak. It will be those rare occasions when mooning does not land your ass in jail.   Usually, you’ll be in a lot of trouble when you pull your pants down and expose yourselfContinue Reading

What happens if I refuse to take the test when stopped for DUI in California?

It’s amazing how much confusion there is around what you should do if you get pulled over after having had something to drink.  Whether it is from family, friends, or even clients who are facing multiple DUI convictions, I often hear “so if I get pulled over, I should refuse the chemical test, right?” ItContinue Reading