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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Red Light Camera Tickets in LA

The rules on Red Light Camera Tickets in LA are changing every day.   Do you have to pay them?  Can you ignore a red light camera ticket?  Are they legal? Illegal?  What if I got mine in Van Nuys Traffic Court?  How about the Beverly Hills Courthouse?  Is that part of the LA court system?Continue Reading

Juvenile Cases, do I retain private counsel?

I run into way to many situations where I walk into court and my client already has a state prison offer because of a juvenile conviction that was a serious or violent crime.  Too many people are not taking their juvenile cases serious enough to hire private counsel and are working out deals with theContinue Reading

Just shut up and ask to speak with an attorney

It has been more apparent in my practice now that many people think it’s a smart idea to talk to cops instead of invoking your right to remain silent and asking to speak to an attorney.  Here’s the bottom line, more often than not, talking to a cop will not help your case and willContinue Reading

The California Speeding Ticket VC 22350, VC 22349

One of the most common traffic tickets is the classic California speeding ticket.    Getting pulled over by a cop and being issued a ticket for speeding is definitely not a good feeling.   Even having a close call can ruin your day.  Nobody likes to see that radar gun pointed in your direction.    WhenContinue Reading

Red Light Camera Ticket Thicket

If you’ve recently received a red light camera traffic ticket, you may have some legal ammo to use if you want to fight it. The case of People v. Khaled (2010) is an Orange County Appellate case that held an appropriate witness must testify to the inner workings of the camera system and to the photographsContinue Reading