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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Changes Impound Rules for Unlicensed Drivers

In recent months, Los Angles Police Department (LAPD) Police Chief, Charlie Beck, has proposed a change in the way that LAPD officers impound vehicles from individuals cited for Driving a Motor Vehicle Without a Valid Driver’s License. For years, LAPD officers could impound a vehicle of an unlicensed driver and hold it for up toContinue Reading

Avoiding jail time when faced with drug charges: Prop 36

Diversion is a deferred entry of judgment.  Both PC1000 and Prop 36 qualify as diversion.  This means that upon successful completion, the case will be dismissed against the defendant and there will be no conviction. History behind prop 36 Prop 36 was passed in 2000 that provides people who are accused of non-violent possession orContinue Reading

Excellent POLICE SEARCH/4TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS article by Scott Morgan of the Huffington Post–Everyone should read!!

  5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide) Posted: 02/21/2012 10:52 pm Do you know what your rights are when a police officer asks to search you? If you’re like most people I’ve met in my eight years working to educate the public on thisContinue Reading

Mitigation in criminal cases really CAN make a difference!

In my fourteen years of practice, I have religiously adhered to the principal that the way you get excellent results for your clients is by dismantling the prosecution’s case on a factual level. In other words, I prepare every case for trial from day number one, knowing that either the prosecutor will wind up offeringContinue Reading

Southern California Deputy District Attorney – Has Name Added to the C.A.C.I (Child Abuse Central Index)

Yes, even county prosecutors are susceptible to the Child Abuse Central Index, commonalty referred to as the C.A.C.I. Believe it or not, the name of a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County along with his wife’s name were added to the C.A.C.I. and their names remained on the index for approximately 11 months. The prosecutor’sContinue Reading