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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Probation and Probation Violations in California Criminal Cases

People who have plead guilty to a misdemeanor or a felony are often placed on probation.  There are many terms to probation and if all the terms are not complied with fully, a person can be charged with a violation of probation.   As a result, their probation will be revoked; a possible consequence isContinue Reading

Friday Fail: What is Up with RPV Teens Lately?

This week’s Friday Favorite is about some teenagers trying to avoid bad grades by cheating, then getting caught. Fail! On Thursday, three Palos Verdes High School juniors were arrested on suspicion of breaking into classrooms, hacking into four teachers’ computers and changing their grades online. They also reportedly broke into classrooms late at night toContinue Reading

This Friday: Teens Defacing Property

This week there is a $2,000 reward out for information leading to the individuals who vandalized Peninsula High School in Rolling Hills Estates by spray-painting obscenities and a swastika on the grounds. Fifty lockers were also cut open and their contents scattered all over the floor. Some of the spray painted graffiti included “PV” andContinue Reading

New California 2012 Criminal Laws

Happy New Year……okay I know that it is officially too late to be greeting you all with that. However, I noticed that the very important new-laws-of-2012-post has not been published yet. So here we go, criminal law version: Handgun Open Carry Law New in 2012, civilians can no longer open-carry handguns. This is because lawContinue Reading

Paperwork Error by CHP Officer Almost triggers Bench Warrant

This morning at my clients DMV hearing, I had the opportunity to speak with the CHP officer who had arrested my client for DUI. While we were waiting in the lobby at the DMV Driver’s Safety Office I was trying to get a feel of the officers experience on the field since you looked fairlyContinue Reading