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Monthly Archives: December 2011

DUI Tips for California Drivers

WRITE DOWN EVERY DETAIL you remember about the time of your arrest & prior to the incident. The more notes you take the easier it will be to fight the DUI charge. Answer questions such as: Where were you before you drove the vehicle & what were you doing? Did you drink alcohol, and ifContinue Reading

San Diego East County Motorcyclists Need More Insurance Coverage

As reported by 10News, a motorcyclist in San Diego’s East County was speeding around a curve in the road, lost control of his bike and crashed into a guardrail. The driver lost his life at the scene of the motorcycle accident. He was driving in a pack of other motorcycles at the time. This tragicContinue Reading

Drunk Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Man At Bar

Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy Dayle Long has been charged with murdering, Samuel Vanettes, age 36 after an argument arose between the two men over a game of darts. Officer Long who is a ten-year department veteran had been drinking alone when he engaged in a conversation with Vanettes and his friends. Their conversation over whoContinue Reading

How can the California Amnesty Program Reduce my Ticket Fees?

How can the California Amnesty Program Reduce my Ticket Fees?

I love this time of the year. The sales are great. You can get a TV for under 300 bucks and build a brand new computer for under 400 and run Crysis on it. But one of the best deals out there is the California Amnesty Program coming up in a few weeks.  This programContinue Reading

Friday Fondling

This Friday we focus on a story about a 62 year-old Palos Verdes Estates man who was rearrested this week. He was charged last month with fondling two teen boys he invited to live in his house, and was arrested again on Tuesday on suspicion of molesting two more teenagers. This Palos Verdes Estates manContinue Reading