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Monthly Archives: November 2011

A True Black Friday for this Felon

This Black Friday when you are pushing, shoving, jumping, and committing other Olympic feats to get to the hot-ticket items, remember this story and purchase extra security for your new “toys.” This Friday is a dark, dark Friday for a 22-year-old San Pedro man who is in custody for residential burglary. Detectives tracked him downContinue Reading

Friday Family Feud: Child Abduction Charges

This week’s story is about a Lomita family and the child caught in the middle. The boy was in the legal guardianship of his paternal grandmother, which his mother apparently doesn’t approve of. His biological mother, with the help of her parents, abducted the boy from his stroller. This happened while the boy’s relative wasContinue Reading

Family Law Lawyer in Los Angeles Daniel V. Cota

Family law matters such as divorce, separation, child custody, and support issues in Los Angeles are very personal and sensitive matters.     Getting good a fair result in court is not optional, it’s mandatory.   Winning in Los Angeles family law court requires an experienced attorney. I can help you obtain favorable results withContinue Reading

Traffic court in California – The Government’s ATM

What is traffic court all about in California? Why do cops seem to write so many tickets? Why do fines keep going up?  If you don’t believe that traffic court is all about the money, check out this article http://www.appeal-democrat.com/news/repayment-111445-yuba-traffic.htmlContinue Reading

Friday Favorite Flirty Criminals

This week’s favorite is about a flirty but dangerous mother-daughter team. This mother daughter duo allegedly conned a 90-year-old El Segundo man to give them $20,000 and to buy them a Mercedes-Benz. Police believe this duo likes to run cons and take advantage of elderly people. The mother was arrested this week, but the daughter remainsContinue Reading