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Red Light Camera Tickets in Los Angeles

Did you get a red light camera ticket in the mail in Los Angeles? On Monday July 25th, 2011, Los Angeles city officials admitted that it’s safe to ignore them. Monday’s three hour city council meeting was full of contention but everyone seemed to agree that nothing happens if you simply ignore the fact thatContinue Reading

Parolee Drives Toyota Camry in Carmageddon Speed Chase in Southern California July 16, 2011

This started out around 7:50 as a suspect DUI. It quickly turned into a high speed chase complete with helicopters, multiple police departments taking over the chase, and a circus of tweets over the internet. Not much is known about the people in the chase except for the fact that there were two people insideContinue Reading

Carmageddon 405 Shutdown

Carmageddon 405 Shutdown

Carmageddon is here. In less than 12 hours LA traffic is about to come to a stop. The 405 freeway will be closed starting tonight at 9PM between the 10 freeway and highway 101. The shutdown is scheduled to end on Monday morning at 5AM, but time will tell if that is fact or fiction.Continue Reading

Telephone line lets you record your encounter with law enforcement.

Cop recorder is a program on the Iphone and the Android which lets you record your encounter with law enforcement.  DUI Checkpoints in California has become hostile and very aggressive. However, citizens are now taking a stand with the Openwatch App. This app has allowed me to uncover bullying tactics at a Garden Grove DUI checkpoint, thisContinue Reading

Garden Grove Vietnamese Woman cut/sliced off husband’s penis

A Garden Grove woman cut off her husband’s penis after she found out he was cheating on her.  Despite her husband’s Infidelity, the punishment may have been a little harsh. Especially putting it in the garbage disposal afterwards.  Why not just move out and take his gold club? I don’t care where you come from, nobodyContinue Reading